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Ratiocinative Deceit - Dumby's Ramblings


I'm a longtime member of 801 Labs, Salt Lake City's hackerspace. It has by far been the single greatest resource in my security lifestyle. After getting along with DC801 members at my first DEF CON, I knew they were my people. We keep the DEF CON feeling going year-round meeting up weekly at the hackerspace to work on projects, discuss matters, and attend regular meetups and classes.

There's a lot of projects I'd love to be able to complete as a contribution back to the members.

  • HackLab - Set up a workstation dedicated to getting hands-on with exploitation and other attacks to give exposure to aggresive tactics and provide training opportunities for noobs and us lowly, ignorant blue teamers!

  • LixieClocks - We're making LixieClocks!

  • Swap Meet

  • Repair Meetup