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Ratiocinative Deceit - Dumby's Ramblings


Similar to elecronics, radio is another major technology category I'm hugely interested in. It's only rather recently that it corssed my radar (hah!), but it's staggering. There's a whole world of radio that's invisible until you start looking for it, and that is fascinating. It's been a struggle, but I hope to really experiment and wrap my head around the concepts as a whole.

There's a few major projects I'm working on that will assist a great deal in gettings hands-on and really trying to understand, intuitively, how to yield radio.

  • LimeSDR - I recently purchased one of these. It's been a long, tortuous path to get on the road to really being able to utilize it, unfortunately. But I'm getting there!

  • Antennas - My major roadblock in using my SDR. I've been too picky and indevisive in choosing antennas. I need to build some!

  • Badges & Bluetooth - I would really like to get into more home automation and device connectivity projects