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I did it! It's run! I've seen waterfalls! 

Gqrx on Windows through PothoSDR worked amazingly.

Used my new wideband antenna for lower frequencies. Had to double adapter… and so begins my adapter/cable hoarding. I'm using all SMA but there's still so many different configurations each adapter can end up having. 

After figuring that out, hooked my LimeSDR up, tuned the dial to some local radio stations. It sparked to life! It was working, so simple this whole time… but I finally accomplished it.

After 4 separate Amazon orders I finally got antennas, the proper adapters, etc. 

One tricky thing so far has been figuring out some radio basics. I've got a somewhat solid understanding of the electromagnetic wave theory, frequencies, and antennas. I've fiddled with squelch, and still struggle a little bit with decibel measurements. I played around with the different sideband modulations. That was one thing I had played around with on my RTL-SDR, but never really understood. 

After dialing and listening in on the local police channel, I called victory! 

I'm finally building up the proper gear inventory and knowledge I need to hit the ground running. Going to learn more basics, and report in as I do so!

Last Edited: 2017-11-10